Our café is named after the large old fig tree it overlooks, some of the near-crown branches rising about 20 feet above the ground and almost close enough to touch. In a rapidly transforming urban space like Kathmandu, we embrace this tree as an integral component of our space.

SEIMG_8469macaroonsThe café’s menu offers a seasonal selection of the finest organic Nepali coffee, as well as some light meals and pastries. The coffee beans you enjoy here will also be available for purchase at our shop.

Free Wifi

Bring over your laptop and friends, and charge your talks and ideas with Nepal’s organic coffee and finest pastries.

Nepal and Coffee

Traditionally a tea-growing country, Nepal has grown into a successful coffee producer. Farmers were originally introduced to it as a way to boost their income, and large portions of the hilly landscape that would otherwise have been empty are ideal for coffee growth. The amount of land now used for coffee cultivation is said to have increased more than tenfold in the last 20 years.

We are currently working to produce an original City Museum Kathamndu house blend too.