For CMK’s 3rd urban art showcase, Urban Myths 3, we are pleased to invite you to an international group exhibition street artists. Organized in collaboration with Cluster Wall (Brooklyn, NY), with support from Tings.

Poster Art by Deadline.

Poster Art by Deadline.


  • Bruno Levy (Paris)
  • Deadline (Kathmandu)
  • Elle (Brooklyn)
  • Jilly Ballistic (New York)
  • JPO (New York)
  • OE (Kathmandu)
  • OPIE (Cambridge)
  • ORYX (Chicago)
  • SadhuX (Kathmandu)
  • Solus Art (Dublin)
  • TONA (Hamburg)

LIVE ART by Sadhu-X
LIVE MUSIC by Gnirehst + Outtalectual

New works by Nepali street artists, limited edition signed works by international artists.

URBAN MYTHS was a solo stencil exhibition of works by Sadhu-X at our Gallery (Oct.2014)
URBAN MYTHS 2 was an exhibition was hosted in Brooklyn, New York, with Cluster Wall, featuring works by Nepali artists. (February 2015).