The curator commissioned artist Aditya Aryal, alias Sadhu-X, to produce two statement pieces for this event. The first piece was originally conceived by the artist himself during #OccupyBaluwatar. However, it was never made due to the fact that its provocative nature – a topless figure of the Kumari goddess in the context of Violence Against Women– disabled it from finding a venue for public viewing, until now.

kumariThe second piece is based on an image from the Hong Kong protests that was taken by Vincent Yu (Associated Press) and published on the front page of the International New York Times on 2 December 2014. It has been adapted to reflect the threats posed by political unaccountability to our shared ecology, and more specifically, the global illegal wildlife trade of which China continues to remain a crucial protagonist, while promoting its Panda diplomacy campaign.

The event’s poster was commissioned to artist Shdraddha Shrestha, alias Deadline.